Whether you're a builder, supplier, installer, manufacturer or part of the crane crew, Matrak will make your life easier.

How does it work?

Matrak is simple to use and easy to get started, designed by tradies for tradies.

No special skills needed - if you can read a drawing, you can use Matrak.

1. Sign up to Matrak for free

Click here to register with Matrak, and get your free example project.

2. Add your materials

Add the materials you want to track, import them from Excel, or send us the drawings and we'll prepare your project for you.

3. Tick off your work as you go

Tap on the drawings to record your progress in seconds - much faster than writing progress claims.

4. Invite colleagues and other companies

Keep everyone on the same page, and stop wasting time sending emails and chasing people up.

How much am I going to save?

Not only does Matrak give you visibility of your jobs and reduce risk of delays, but it can save you big money as well.

    • Savings Calculator

      I work for the looking after the

    • Add/Remove Task Monthly Saving
      Organising replacements for missing/damaged items
      Preparing/submitting progress claims
      Forwarding packing lists & delivery dockets to installers
      QA of overseas manufacturing
      Checking installers' progress claims on site
      Tracking down what's completed and what's outstanding
      Coordinating crane schedule
      Locating materials in containers on site
      Managing defects
      Chasing up delivery details
      Providing updates on installation progress
      Number of projects your company runs:
      Matrak subscription: - $600.00
      Total savings per month: $800.00

Ready to save $7,376 every month?

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