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Project management app on your iPhone Project management app on your iPhone

Complete visiblity of every trade on site

Track every single material on your project, from manufacture through to installation and quality assurance. Perfect for overseas procurement.

Live Updated Records

Real-time tracking for every shipment, delivery, material and defect across your project.

Interactive Site Drawings

We make your drawings interactive - so you can find materials and monitor progress straight from the plans.

Reporting & Analytics

For automatic progress claims, easier project management, and risk mitigation.

Global Reach

Automatic English/Chinese translation to make overseas procurement easy.

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We're here to save you time and money at every stage of the project.

    • For Project Management

    • Key Benefits and Savings

      • Less time spent chasing progress updates
      • Instantly view today's deliveries and recent updates
      • Notifications when milestones are achieved
      • Schedule deliveries and crane time instantly
      • Less phone calls, emails and meetings
      • Organise overseas procurement
      • Track defects to ensure they're fixed
      • Manage claims and invoices with interactive floorplans
      • Create custom reports and export them directly to Excel
    • For Contractors

    • Key Benefits and Savings

      • Less time searching for materials
      • Instantly access all drawings from your phone
      • Notifications when deliveries arrive or defects are found
      • Visibility of what's missing, defective, or ready to start
      • Less phone calls, emails and meetings
      • Submit progress claims at the touch of a button
      • Track equipment so you're always ready on site
      • Attach photos of your progress or quality checks
      • Faster supply & installation rate from productivity gains

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